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Kata 6

Page history last edited by Ilan Kirschenbaum 11 years ago

The relationship between Business and IT can no longer become any worse.

For Pierre-Antoine, a Senior VP, IT costs a fortune and produces little. This is a factory to produce the paperwork. Proof: Since Last CMMI process improvement, we can not do anything without asking them to complete a form in a tool to completely avoid responsibility. These bureaucrats do not start their developments until specifications are not signed, as if we had the time to read! Then developments take months. The latest revelation of IT? Us to do their job simply because they want to implement this Agile approach! Now they want us to participate in their projects! Agile is like CMMI and ISO 9001, it will eventually retire.

For Patrick, a project manager operating Information Services Department, that struggles to achieve projects, the Business is impossible to handle: We do not know what they want, they are never happy and they are completely disorganized. Impossible to make them follow a process. For example: they do not want to validate the specifications, how can we know what to build? Obviously, our relationships are strained. Could Scrum possibly fix things? But how to tell them that they must be involved in the development? They have already said that it does not suit them and we can only arrange to find a Product Owner in our IT teams ....


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dpreuss said

at 12:01 pm on Jun 2, 2013


"The relationship between Business and IT can no longer be extended." Extended?

"complete a form in a completely tool abscond" ?

Guess "paving specifications" = specifications ?

"Agile .... will eventually the tire" ?

"For Patrick, a project operating ISD that struggles to achieve projects, " ?

"Undrinkable" ?

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