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Kata 3

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Marc manages a research department composed of several development teams. One of these teams is working in Agile mode, which "moved" itself in this process: they stay they self-organized iterations after iteration, but nobody outside of the team seems to know what is happening, how it works, what is done, etc..

Arnaud, head of the customer service platform, which represents the business in this project, seems happy. At least, there are no special complaints from him. However, he does not seem to know exactly where we are in the development of the tool.

You are responsible for coaching the team at the request of Arnauds manager whose objective is to verify the project is on track. Agile is for him a black box method, "open bar", disorganized.


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dpreuss said

at 11:44 am on Jun 2, 2013

Possible translation issues:what is...

* study department
* advance iterations
* open bar (free drinks?!)

Question: at the end:
"whose objective is to verify" what? (Missing a noun object for verify verb)

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