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Coaching Exercises

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Ice Breakers & closure

  • Check in
  • Circle of Questions


With Kata's 



  • Elicit personal core values
    • (to help them understand why their problem matters so much)
  • Explore perspectives
    • one possibility: co-active "geography" exercise
  • Future self


Possibly  adaptable 

  • Powerful questions, followed by questions-only coaching dojo (60-90 minutes)
    • exercise to teach PQs at http://abiggerga.me/resourcesE.html
    • Question from Yves: how do you see Powerfull questions different from  Appreciative Inquiry ?
      • Answer from Deb: 
        • Powerful Questions is a learned skill, for developing genuinely curious questions for a given specific context (planned or, more usually, as opportunities present). The coachee answers the questions. 
        • AI tends to be a designed interview, from what I have seen and read. That is, like a retrospective, there is a design phase, where it is considered: what questions will be most generative, will foster emergence of the effect we seek? ex: designing one or two or three questions that will build respect for individual strengths among peers, then having them interview each other with the PQs designed beforehand. Coachees are both the interviewer and the interviewee.
        • this is not what we practise in CoachRetreat. Remember, we have only 10 minutes of practise every time. The idea behind is to have very short Feedback loops for the coach.
          • "remember"? I have not seen what the day agenda would look like. Where can I?
          • Yves: true this was not on the website, was for sure inthe mails send to germany. it's now on the frontpage 

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