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if it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing 

                                                                        Steven Tyler


What is it?

Code  Retreat + Coaching Dojo

Coach retreat is a one day workshop to experience coaching techniques.


The idea of improving as a coach, using the code retreat framework of "persisting by repeat and change techniques " to handle a "problem".


Rachel Davies has put in place a wonderful model about Coaching DoJos. That is a great way to experiment with coaching during a conference. (As it's a short workshop.)


Coaching DoJo


One stop session, it goes this way :

I have a problem ( kata) . A pair (or team) of coaches coach me - in a free coaching style way - to realize what are the issues/some solutions, etc. The observers give feed-back about the coaching style and suggest improvements.  End of the session.


Coach Retreat


Lasts on a day long with time-boxed sessions focused on the same topic.  It will go like this :


  1. Welcome
  2. Global check in.
  3.  We select a kata.
  4. do a coaching exercise during 65 mlinutes
    1. 5 minutes of explaining
    2. 4 * (10 + 5 minutes)
      1. 10: minutes of practise
      2. 5 minutes of feedback 
  5. loop 5 times
  6. circle of questions 


Coach team participate to solve/have more insights about it in a timeboxed  period. Retrospect, evaluate the results.


Repeat : as in code retreat, let's say that we'll use some "specified" techniques ie  "double loop learning" to go through the problem. Take the time box and do the coaching session. Retrospect/evaluate the results

Repeat : Use another time box and use other techniques. Retrospect and evaluate new findings.

Repeat ...

What type of coach are you at the end of the day ?


You may find the original post with some more details describing the coach retreat framework here





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